Posted at October 23, 2014

DirectoryEngine introduces its latest version with header menu implementation

Header menu

In addition to the original one on the left, you now have another option to create your menu. Users then can use the header menu to easily access any page on the site. For those who are using child theme to modify the “header.php” file, please remember to check out the latest code.

header menu-DirectoryEngine

Other small implements

From now on, admins can easily add tags for different places in their admin panel. Moreover, the title of the places will be assigned as H1 label, which will help to improve your SEO.

In addition, if users don’t insert their social networks information when posting their places, the sentence “ No specific link” won’t be displayed anymore.


Besides, if users upload their places without images, a notification will appear to remind them.


Fix bugs

– Fix “Sign in” issue: it works fine now, users now can use their emails to do their registration.
– Fix “Event” function: admin now can create the events.
– Fix “Override” issue: the profile page won’t override the “Edit icon” anymore.
– Fix “Display” issue.
– Fix “Responsive” issue.
– Fix “Widget” issue on mobile version.
– Fix “Sub menu” issue.

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